• Thanks to the Velcro surfaces on the back the handcuff case sits firmly on duty belt
  • Fits most cuffs! ASP, TCH,HIAT , etc. Even hinged!



Olive double handcuff case for authorities! Two Handcuffs in one case!

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Double Handcuff case for professional use.

The Authorities handcuff cases are suitable for use with most chain handcuffs and hinged handcuffs regardless of the manufacturer.  Even two Hinged cuffs fits in! The cases have self-tensioning elastic material on the sides so all handcuffs sit firmly in the case. The stiffened flap is also easy to use even in stressful situations. On the sides of the handcuff cases there are air vents, so moisture cannot stay in the case to damage the handcuffs. Thanks to the Velcro surfaces on the back the handcuff case sits firmly on duty belts and riggers belts with Loop Velcro on body side- . The Authorities handcuff cases are suited to both, right and left-handed carriers. The back of the cases is of friction material that enhances the usability of the cases with such belts where there is no Velcro surface on the inside (e.g. leather belts) of a wide belt.

Unique Authorities Belt Attachment

The Authorities handcuff case can be attached both to equipment belts and to PALS / MOLLE webbing!. A unique belt fastening allows attachment and disengagement of holder without removing or dismantling the equipment belt. With Authorities MOLLE-tool Handcuff case is lightning fast to attach OR to remove from MOLLE/PALS webbing. 

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