• 360 degree rotation chemical gaent pouch for professional use.



360°  Rotation! Authorities torch pouches are suitable for use with most tactical torches, regardless of the manufacturer.

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Rotating Torch Pouch For Professional Use!

Authorities torch pouches are suitable for use with most tactical torches, regardless of the manufacturer.

The Velcro surfaces of the Authorities pouch will not damage clothing and can be used with any 1.5" - 2.3" (35mm -58mm ) wide belt. Authorities holders can be ALSO attached to any MOLLE / PALS system, such as duty belts, battle belts, tactical equipment belts, equipment vests, plate carriers and backpacks.


Large (L): For torches up to (7.9" )20 cm in length, the diameter of the torch is not larger than 1.5"( 38 mm ) (eg. UK 4AA eLED CPO Atex, Nitecore EA45S,)

The stiffened flap of the pouch is easy to use even in stressful situations. There are large openings in the bottom of the torch pouch so water that may be in the pouch does not stay there. The bottom openings also allow to use the torch even when torch is in the pouch, the partial light beam illuminates the steps smoothly and leave the hands free. Thanks to the Velcro surfaces on attachment, the holder can also be attached to a low angle in the belt to improve the usability of the equipment. All holders are suited to both right- and left-handed carriers.


The Authorities Rotating Holder System is developed for modern users! The angle of the holder can be switched quickly without removing the holder. Without any separate tools it can be adjusted in 11 different positions according to the user’s needs. Perfect for police and all other authorities who need to switch between car and on foot! The mechanism is lightweight, robust and meets the requirements for official use.


All Authorities holders /pouches/ holsters can be attached both to equipment belts and to PALS / MOLLE fasteners. A unique belt fastening allows attachment and disengagement of equipment without removing the equipment belt as well as the setting of the equipment at an angle to improve usability. The belt attachment additionally prevents equipment from moving on the belt sideways.

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